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September 22: The Law of Access

“Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.” II Corinthians 2:11


Read: Luke 13:6-16

There is a law of preservation of life. As long as you have a covenant relationship with God and your assignment has not been completed on the earth, your life will be preserved. Your job in life is to find God’s will and walk in the center of that will always. But there is a more important law that affects the occurrences in our lives, and that is the ‘Law of Access’ Whatever you open yourself up to, gains access into your life and dominates you. Ignorance is one of the biggest door openers to Satan. When we lack knowledge, it is easy for him to gain access and afflict us. Ignorance keeps people in bondage and so do fear and worry. Remember that one thing that gave Satan access to Job’s life was fear. He was constantly in fear, and eventually what he feared happened. Beloved, God’s plan for your life is good! Don’t allow ignorance of that plan or fear or worry to keep you out of God’s blessings. Give God more access in your life today. Empower your life with His Word. You will be perpetually blessed. Amen.