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Pray for Israel

Luke 18:1-8, Psalm 122, Zechariah 1:12-21
God has an everlasting covenant with the people of Israel, and He takes personally all that happens to the nation. Let us fervently pray for the nation of Israel and all of God’s people caught up in this crisis.

Prayer Points for the Nation of Israel

  1. That the Lord will be a shield and a defense to Israel, and that He will
    protect His covenant people.
  2. That the Lord will have mercy and preserve the lives of those who
    are caught in the middle of this crisis.
    Proverbs 18:10
  3. That God will bring swift judgment upon every evil adversary and
    their enablers:
    • That God will frustrate the strategies of the evil adversary, and
      render their attacks ineffective.
      Job 5:12
    • That God will strike fear in the heart of the evil invaders and
      conspirators, and cause them to flee and cease from their attacks.
      Deuteronomy 28:7. Exodus 23:27
  4. That God will grant the Prime Minister and his unity government
    wisdom in their response to these attacks.
  5. That the Lord will bless and prosper every nation who aligns with and is providing help for Israel.
  6. That the Lord will bring a swift resolution to this war.
    • The Lord will restore lasting peace to Israel, especially to the Gaza
      strip and the West bank.
      Psalm 122:7, Zephaniah 3:15
    • The Lord will comfort those who mourn, and restore the prosperity
      of the nation
      Isaiah 61:2-3, Isaiah 51:3, Zechariah 1:17