Imparting life to the nations, one person at a time

ALIC Global Missions

About Us

ALIC Global Missions is the outreach extension of Abundant Life International Church Commission. Our mission is to “Go where no one else will go and do what no one else will do” – imparting the abundant life of Christ into every area of peoples’ lives through the accurate teaching of God’s word.

Global Missions

ALIC School of Ministry: In keeping with the vision of the ministry to raise not only Christian disciples but also Christian ministers, the ALIC School of Ministry (SOM) began in 2008. The vision statement of the SOM was “Making Disciples, Changing the World One Person at a Time.”  The initial classes were in person with the first twenty students graduating in 2010.  Since then, the ALIC SOM has evolved into a 2-year free online course with a 1-year supervised practicum.  There is year-round rolling admission into the school with enrolled students from different parts of the United States, and the world including Canada, Brazil, Nigeria, India, and Ghana.

The Zoe Women Ministry: This is an outreach dedicated to professional and business women providing Mentoring and Leadership training.

India Mission: We have 3 main thrusts: Humanitarian & Charitable Outreach, Church Planting & Conferences and School of Ministry, Discipleship & Leadership. We have successfully translated some of our publications (books and Video podcast) into the local Hindi language as part of our tools to effectively minster the gospel to the people especially in the most remote areas and to raise grounded ministers of the gospel. Given the unique political and cultural terrain, we continue to seek ways to effectively fulfill our mission in India as our operational base into the Asian Continent. 

African & Global Missions: As with every other mission, we have a 3 point agenda in Africa which includes: Financing/Humanitarian aid, Discipleship & Outreach and Networking. Recognizing the magnitude of the work ahead of us, we have entered into partnership with missionaries/ministers already in the field to help increase our impact and effectiveness. Some of these missionaries include:

  • Pastors Koyejo & Lola Amori in Niger Republic
  • Grace Embrace Mission, (GEM) in Kenya
  • Christian Revival Center in Uganda

As we strive to open up new initiatives to reach the entire continent for Christ, we have established some presence and on-going operations in Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Uganda.


We realize that we can do more and be more effective at reaching and imparting communities and villages when we collaborate/partner with existing missions in those areas of interest to us. These missions are those with whom we share a commonality of vision and purpose.

Grace Embrace Mission: We have partnered with GEM and are supporting their efforts in sharing the best of humanity with, bringing hope to and rebuilding very remote villages in East Africa. Grace embrace is the outreach arm of Sure Word International Church