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Pray For Ukraine

10 Prayer Points for the Nation of Ukraine

  1. That God will DEFEND, PROTECT and AVENGE His people and the Nation of Ukraine.

2. That God will preserve the life of the believers in Ukraine and their families.

3. That God will uphold every minister, missionary, Pastor and the entire Body of Christ in Ukraine.

4. That God will surround His people with His Angelic forces and give them peace.

  • That God will raise up help from other nations including the US, Europe & UK.
  • That God will send help and reinforcement to the Ukrainian people even from unexpected places. Psalms 125:1-3

5. That God will protect President Zelensky and his team and their families

6. That God will give the President wisdom and great grace to navigate this difficult season in their country

  • That He will walk in the grace of leadership and have the great strength and fortitude through the duration of this conflict. Proverbs 2:6-12

7. Pray against the evil invaders; that God will put confusion into their camp. That God will put confound them and fight this battle on behalf of His people. 2 Chronicles 20:22-24

8. That God will overwhelm and embarrass the evil adversary who is the mastermind of this assault. Esther 7:6-10

9. That God will turn the counsel of every Ahithophel into foolishness. 2 Samuel 15:31

10. That after this devastation, God will restore the blessings and fortunes of the Ukrainian people. Isaiah 51:3