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March 29: Feeling Locked Down?

?“…the hour is come that the Son of man should be glorified?except a corn of wheat falls to the ground, it abideth alone?”? John 12:23, 24

Read:?Genesis 30:25-43; Genesis 31:7-13; Habakkuk 2:1-4

Do you find yourself constantly asking, ?Lord how long??; ?when??; ?How?? etc. Do you see yourself with a lot of potential but small results? Do you envision great things when you pray or meditate and then suddenly wake up to the reality of your unchanged status quo? Many of us will go through phases at different points in life before we get the exposure we have longed for. I call these the ?prison phases? of life. This is usually a season of agitation where you feel ready for the dream that God gave you to be fulfilled but little or nothing seems to be happening. If you are the impulsive type, you will make a lot of mistakes at this time and ruin great opportunities. We will all learn some way or the other never to interfere with God?s process because whenever we do, we mess up His products. If you don?t believe me, ask Abraham. I bet he still regrets the ?Hagar saga.? He had received the promise but no results yet and many years had passed. Naturally, he felt God needed help. Have you ever felt that way? I?m sure you have. You know when you felt like maybe God didn?t quite understand the peculiarities of your situation and needed to be helped? Listen to me friend: God is working on that husband. He is preparing the way for that breakthrough. He knows what He is doing and needs no help from you. I believe common sense teaches us that if God is the all wise God, then He must know how to go about taking care of His business. Sometimes we think we need to advice God. But really what we need to learn to do the most is Relax, because God is in charge! Learn to trust Him fully. Learn total dependence on Him. Those people you are depending on will disappoint you. Forget about creating shortcuts or you may end up cutting your destiny short! Joseph trusted the Butler?s word but was disappointed. However, when he settled down and rested, God came through and released him from prison. Your own day of release is finally here, in Jesus? Name. Amen!

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  1. this is a real inspiration topic for me,l love it.touches my soul. thank you, may God bless you.

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