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March 28: The “Proving” Phases of Life

“And these are they?on stony ground?and have no root in themselves?.and when persecution ariseth…are offended.?” – Mark 4:16, 17

Read: Genesis 39:1-16; Deuteronomy 8:1-7; Ephesians 6:10-18

We learnt about the pit phases of life in our devotion yesterday. It is important to note that God supplies us with supernatural grace to endure the attacks that we confront in those pit phases. The pit phases of life are also the phases of miraculous rescue. So expect God to fight your battles and bring you out unhurt. In my family, we have been through many ?pit? phases in life and ministry. Some of those times we almost felt like Satan was going to succeed in taking us out. But the fact we are still here today is testimony to the principle of God?s miraculous rescue, Hallelujah!

The second phase of life is what I like to call the ?proving? phase. When you pass through the pit phase and Satan sees you are not going to let go of your dream, he?ll line your paths with a lot of temptations to try to derail you. You remember that when Satan could not kill Joseph in the pit, he sent Portiphar?s wife after him. You need to be really watchful and sensitive to the Holy Spirit when you go through proving phases of life. There will be temptations to compromise and pressures to find shortcuts. This is also the season when God allows us to develop our character and learn to walk in integrity. This is because your gift can take you to the high places of life but only character and integrity can keep you there. Without those traits in your life, you will come crashing down no matter how high you?ve gone. The keywords to God?s dealings in our lives at this time is ?fruits of the Spirit?; while the enemy?s attacks against us can best be summed up in the words ?subtle,? ?flesh? and ?compromise.? Fear will attack you, and doubt will torment your mind. Our most important responsibility is to build a solid foundation of faithfulness through the Word, and determine to stay righteous. I believe that God will find you faithful and promote you beyond your highest dreams, in Jesus? Name.