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March 27: Pit Phases of Life

“And these are they by the wayside, where the word is sown; but when they have heard, Satan cometh immediately and taketh away the word….” Mark 4:15

Read: Genesis 37:17-24; Matthew 2:13-18

Many things about our lives are in cycles. God created many things in life to run in a cyclical pattern. Think about the seasons. First, we’ll have winter, then before long it is spring time, then summer, fall, and before you get too comfortable, it’s winter again. Look at the moon and the stars, night and day, and on and on. That is how our lives are too. Our lives have seasons, and there are phases overlapping into other phases. And these phases are not permanent. So don’t get hooked on any of them. Just learn the needed lessons, keep walking by faith, and keep on moving. If it’s dark around you, don’t sweat it. The sun will shine again! The first phase in every life is the “pit” phase. This is the greatest threat to our lives and destinies. Joseph was thrown into the pit before he ever knew what he was doing in life. Jesus’ life was threatened right from birth and so was Moses’. In the parable that Jesus shared about the sower, He said as soon as the word (or seed, or dream or destiny) is sown, Satan comes immediately and takes away the seed. The pit phase is usually filled with battles because Satan does his best (many times working through people) to destroy what God wants to do when the seed is most vulnerable. That’s why he went after the babies. He knows the older the seed gets, the more difficult it is to uproot it. Are you going through a pit phase in your life right now? Be encouraged. Are you struggling to find definition for your future or dream or business or ministry or career? I assure you it won’t always be this hard. Just make up your mind that you are staying the course. If Joseph survived, and Jesus overcame, and Moses did not perish, neither will you or your dream. Keep working the “soil” of your heart with God’s Word. That is most crucial. If your heart is tuned to God, your dream seed will survive. You will make it. You are more than a conqueror; an overcomer; a winner. And God is on your side!!