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March 23: Points of Manifestation

“If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land. ” Isaiah 1:19

Read: Luke 5:1-6; I Samuel 15:1-11

In yesterday’s devotion, we talked about God’s unchanging commitment to us His children. Everything else fails but God’s commitment to us in His Word will never change or fail. That is why we can expect that our future will be better than our present, because He says His commitment is to give us a future filled with hope. However, there are points of manifestation in life when promises that have existed in the Word and in our spirits suddenly show up for us in the natural. These points of manifestation don’t just happen. They are provoked by our acts of obedience to God’s instructions, either in His Word or to us directly in our spirits. We need to make a commitment to living lives of obedience so that all God has intended for us can be fulfilled. There are 3 important aspects to obedience that I want us to pay attention to today: the first is that God’s instructions usually don’t make sense. But even when that is the case, we must boldly obey and not be held back by things we know naturally. Jesus asked the rich young ruler to sow a major sacrificial financial seed in order to reap a major kingdom harvest. But the young man missed out on God’s blessings because Jesus’ instruction to him was unrealistic. Peter on the other hand obeyed Jesus even when the instruction didn’t make sense. And see how enriched he became! Has God asked you to do something that seems unrealistic? Do yourself a favor, Just do it! Another important thing about obedience is that it needs to be complete. We must not obey partially because that is disobedience. King Saul found that out in a hard way. So always obey God’s instructions completely. Finally, obedience must be willing and cheerful. Don’t just obey in anger or with an attitude. Be glad as you obey no matter how much discomfort you feel. I believe there are points of manifestation prepared for you today. Go on and seize them and watch your next level show up!

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  1. It feels good to be reminded that manifestation of God’s promises in our lives is provoked by our act of obedience to Him… love it.

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