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March 22: God Is Committed

“I will cry to God most High, who performs on my behalf and rewards me (Who brings to pass His purposes for me and surely completes them) “??Psalm 57:2(AMP)

Read:?Romans 8:28-39; Job 23:14

I don?t know who you are, reading this today. But I feel such a prophetic unction and can tell you that God wants to declare certain prophetic truths to your life. The first truth is that life is full of challenges and I know you?ve had your own fair share. But just keep that in mind. Even though God has a great plan for your life, the devil is committed to frustrating that plan if he can get you to cooperate with him. There?s no dream given by God that does not suffer initial attacks. Satan is a dream killer and he uses people and circumstances to achieve his end. Remember Moses? He was created and destined by God to be a deliverer to his people. But from the day of his birth, that sick old devil tried to take him out. Even after he was grown, the devil was still scheming against his destiny; Causing him to flee and seek refuge in a distant land. But notice that, in spite of all that the enemy tried to do, God stayed committed to His planned destiny for Moses. And finally (shame on Mr. Devil!), Moses fulfilled his purpose and became a deliverer of his people. Remember Jesus? He was sent to pay the price for the redemption of the whole world. But right from his birth, Mr. Devil got to work again: this time through Herod. Even after Jesus became a grown man, Satan was still following Him trying to destroy Him. But God remained committed to Jesus and His destiny was fulfilled. Now receive this truth once and for all into your spirit: Many things in life will change. But one of the things that will never change is God?s commitment to you. Remember that truth every time you are challenged or attacked. God is committed to you and that will never change. Praise God for His commitment to you today. Hallelujah! We?re going all the way. We?re winners!!