Imparting life to the nations, one person at a time

March 24: Points of Progress

“?But the path of the just is like the light of dawn that shines more and more?until it reaches its full strength and glory ? “? Proverbs 4:18(AMP)

Read: Acts 22:1-19; Deuteronomy 1:6-11

Beloved, are you making progress on your journey of life or are you stuck somewhere? Many times, people start their journeys well. And they run with some passion and enthusiasm for a while. But somehow their zeal begins to run out and they begin to lose steam. And then the adversary sneaks in on them giving them a lot of ?good? activities to pursue so they think they are doing well, when in actual fact they are in one spot spinning their wheels. You may remember that the children of Israel were expending a lot of energy walking and doing stuff. But in actual fact they were stuck around the same mountain and made very little if any progress on their journey. Does this description fit you in any way? Well, I?ve got good news for you: God is going to move you forward supernaturally from today if you will live by some of these principles here. It doesn?t matter where you began or where you are now, the Bible says, as a righteous person, your life will be like a shinning light shinning brighter and brighter until you reach your glorious destiny! First of all make sure you are really saved. Don?t assume it. That?s dangerous. The promise of progress is for the righteous. If you?re not sure, invite Jesus into your heart today. Tell Him you know He died for you so you can live. Make sure you?re not just religious. Religion gets people nowhere. Religion is what many people in the world have. They observe a number of rituals that give them some psychological relief. But that is not good enough. You must be saved. That means you must believe in your heart that Jesus Christ died for your sins and rose up on the third day for your justification. Then you must confess Him as your Lord by asking Him to come in and occupy the center of your life. Once you have done that, immediately make contact with a living church and seek further spiritual guidance. That is the very first step to making progress on your journey. If you?re saved already, rejoice in your salvation today.