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March 1: When the Sun Sets

“And he lighted upon a certain place, and tarried there all night, because the sun was set?” Genesis 28:11

Read: Genesis 28:1-11

If you are in a hurry to get away from the past and some of the negativity that it represents, and you want to quickly get in to your future as Jacob was, sunset isn’t really good news. Most of us are in places just like that today: trying to get from a place called “here” to a place called “there”. But suddenly the sun sets on you and you have to slow down, and retire for a season even though you really don’t want to. An understanding of the original words in our text today makes it clear that it was not in Jacob’s plan to stay the night in this place. However, he has no choice. He has no control. He has no means to carry on beyond this point. The depth of his need is reflected in the fact that he doesn’t even have a pillow to lay his head upon. Since his birth, he has never had to resign himself to the providence of God like he does tonight. But little did he know that what he thought was an accident would actually turn out to be the most significant experience of his lifetime! Because in the night, while he was catching a quick snooze, Jehovah God showed up to change the course of Jacob’s life forever!! Oh, child of God, regardless of where you are in your journey of life, I feel God is about to show up for you! I sense he is about to arrest your current state of need or desolation, and change the course of your life forever. Do you believe that? Then go ahead and thank Him today. Thank God for the fact that regardless of where you are coming from, your best days are just ahead of you. The sun may have set on you and you may have given up control. But that is exactly what Jehovah God needs in order to show up for you. Prepare yourself for Him today.


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