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April 30: Strides of Destiny

Judah, thou art he whom thy brethren shall praise: thy father’s children shall bow down before thee. Judah is a lion’s whelp: thou art gone up….” Genesis 49:8, 9

Read: Genesis 49:8-10; Deuteronomy 32:9-14; Psalms 114:1-8

Friend, I am excited at what God is set to do in your life as a child of destiny. You are no ordinary person. You were uniquely created, predestinated, separated from the womb, called and assigned to a glorious future in God. If you have not done so, I want to challenge you to accept Jesus into your life as your Lord and Savior, today. Your destiny is hidden in Christ and committing your life to Him is the very first step you must take in your walk. Once you receive Him, you are ready to take strides into your glorious future. Many people will crawl though life like worms but you and I are different because we follow the Lion of the tribe of Judah! Jesus has been endowed with kingly power, authority, dominion, generosity, strength, courage, might and valor. And all that has been made available to you as well. We are joined to Him by covenant as lion cubs. So get excited about your future. I believe there is a ‘Judah anointing’ upon every Christian who walks in step with the Lord. Remember that Judah was the first tribe sent up in warfare because their going up first guaranteed victory for the entire nation. I believe as you go up on your flight of destiny under that unique Anointing, you will win. You will succeed. You will fly. You will conquer like the lion. There is no defeat in your path. So get excited about your future! Remember also that Judah means praise. So as you walk with God, make praise a constant in your life. I believe that was one of the reasons Judah always won their battles. They always put on the garment of praise! You know, people who complain through life get buried in the wilderness. But praise will settle your lot forever. When you clothe yourself with praise, you mobilize the angels, and God gets on the move in your life. Satan will never be able to hurt you ever again, and people will not be able to victimize you. God will carry you on eagles’ wings and land you safely at your destination. You will find yourself on the high places of the earth because that is where God Himself rides and you are His sanctuary. Oh I am so excited about your future! You should be too. So rejoice. Put on praise. And let’s take destiny strides together.