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March 2: Moving Beyond Beersheba

“And Jacob went out from Beer-sheba and went out toward haran” Genesis 28:10

Read : Genesis 28:10-22

Each one of us has a “Beersheba”. Jacob had grown up and become very familiar with Beersheba. That represented for him a “comfort zone”. It was also the place where he attained unto a measure of understanding and favor. You may have “camped out” at your “Beersheba” for a while. But it is a blessing to move beyond Beersheba and head for Haran. In most cases it is a crisis that initiates the move because most human beings resist change. And yet that move, whatever it represents for you, is what will drive you toward your destiny in God. Maybe in your Christian experience you have camped out at a certain place for a while but you know God has more for you. And yet you may not be willing to move forward until you are confronted by giants. Then you begin to see the need to spend more time in prayer, or in studying the Word. Or maybe you have been a “Sunday-Sunday” Christian for a while. You just show up in church whenever your “busy” schedule allows. But God is calling you today to move beyond Beersheba toward a new horizon, a next level where some new blessings await you. Are you ready to go up with God or do you want to play a little more religion? The good news is you and I don’t need to be driven to our next level by some giant or some ‘Esau’. So ask God today to put strong desires in your heart that will propel you forward. Then commit to the move: some more time in prayer, a more consistent time of Bible study, faithful service to God, etc. You’ll be amazed at the new levels of experiences you’ll step into. Are you ready?! Let’s go for it then.