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June 22: The Law of Generosity

Generosity begets generosity. Stinginess impoverishes.

Mark 4:25

Read:  Proverbs 11:24-25; II Corinthians 9:6-10

There are several books that teach wealth increase. Most teach the principle of conservation; they tell you to have huge savings and eventually, after 40 years or more, you will become a millionaire. However, Biblical principles are quite contrary to the principles of hoarding and keeping all your increase to yourself. Instead of withholding, God says give. We must remember that these are spiritual principles. God said if you give, He himself will move others to give to you.  In Luke 6:38 (GW) the Bible says, “Give, and you will receive. A large quantity, pressed together, shaken down, and running over will be put into your pocket. The standards you use for others will be applied to you.” Moreover, generosity to the less fortunate brings increase of God’s blessing unto you, and stands as an insurance for your future. Let me ask you today: are you liberal with your resources or are you a miser? If you ever expect to enjoy God’s best, you must be an addicted giver. Give to the Kingdom; give to your family; give to the needy; give to God’s servants. Keep on giving and as you give, expect God’s blessings. That will be your portion, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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