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June 15: God’s Superlative Wealth

The earth is the LORD’S, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell thereinPsalms 24:1

Read:  Psalms 104:24; Colossians 1: 16-17

To be able to fully appreciate what kind of wealth we are talking about, we must understand how wealthy God is. God owns everything. You may need to repeat that to yourself a few times to let it sink. Yes, I know it seems your company owns that contract or your landlord owns that apartment you live in.  It may seem you have no say on where you are able to live or what kind of job you have. Recent statistics show that 10% of Americans own 40% of the wealth of America. You may feel lost and wonder why these people have so much and you are barely able to pay your bills. But I urge you to remember: No human actually owns any of this. They are loaned, so to speak. If they owned them, when they die they would leave with them (Ecclesiastes 5:15). We must realize that nothing existed until God created the world and all we see. He made it, He owns it. He owns all the real estate in the world. He owns all the money. He owns all the animals. And He even owns the real estate in outer space! So irrespective of who got to the moon first – the Americans or the Russians – God still owns it. The second point is this: If God owns it, then He is able to give it to whomever He wishes. And He actually does: He gives wealth and power and authority to whomever He pleases. Now, are you ready for this? God has already made His will clear: He wants to give His wealth to you! God named you in His will. Jesus used to be the only Heir, but God wanted more sons, so Jesus came and got you! Whatever Jesus gets, you are entitled to an EQUAL share. Remember we are joint heirs with Christ. This will cannot be contested. The only way you won’t get wealth is if you don’t want it! Hallelujah, we are RICH BY DEFAULT! This wealthy God is your father and He will not withhold any good thing from you!

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