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June 13: Jesus’ Inheritance: My Inheritance

And You made us kings and priests to our God, and we will reign over the earth. –  Revelations 5:10

Read:  Revelations 5: 1-12; Hebrews 2:9-18

Yesterday, we established the fact that we have a right to everything Jesus has a right to.  Jesus, our big brother and redeemer, went to the cross to establish an unarguable victory.  According to Revelation 5:12, Jesus now has a right to 7 things: Power [great capability], riches [great possessions and wealth], wisdom, strength [physical power and health], honor [esteem of the highest degree and dignity], glory [great recognition] and blessing [to be well spoken of]. Child of God, do you know that all those things are your rightful inheritance now? Do you know that none of those blessings should be lacking in your life?  The bible says Jesus the sanctifier, and those that are sanctified, are one. As an heir of God and joint-heir with Christ, all these things are yours by right. Jesus obtained them for us. Poverty is not included in this list; but I see riches and honor and glory!  Hallelujah. Since you are a joint-heir with Christ, you can start to expect all these. I encourage you to start to speak out loud to yourself over and over again. Whenever you feel unable, say  “I have power.”  When you have insufficient to meet your needs, say ‘I have all I need; God’s wealth is mine.’ You have a right to pick any of these 7 things and speak them over your life. God’s word guarantees that as you do, your life and situation will start to line up with your declarations. You will not go without in your life anymore, in Jesus’ Name. Amen!

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  1. Thank you father for making me heir to your royal kingdom through Christ.Now that I am begining to repossess these blessings by searching the scriptures daily and living according to God’s covenant, I will never give my right(key)to satain any more in Jesus’s name.


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