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June 1: Laugh With Me!

Then our mouths were filled with laughter and our tongues with joyful songs. Then the nations said, “The LORD has done spectacular things for them”

–  Psalms 126:2 (GW)

Read:  Genesis 18:10-12; Genesis 21:1-7

Child of God, I believe this will be a season of laughter for you. Sometimes, we laugh because we want to identify with others who are doing the same. And that is a wonderful thing. But God wants to do more than that for you in the next few days. He actually wants to give you a reason to laugh for yourself! And then others will come together and laugh with you as well. You see, when God made a promise to Sarah in Genesis 18, it sounded incredible. And some of the things God wants to do in our lives appear incredible. I know you have been there. And maybe you are there even now. But notice that when God visited Sarah as he had promised at the “set time,” He fulfilled His Word to her and gave her a reason to laugh. I believe at the “set time,” God will visit you and make you laugh, in Jesus’ name. Amen. So get down to work. Begin to build faith and prepare for the visitation. Remember the Bible says, “The Promise Maker and Keeper will come and He will not delay” (paraphrased). Some people may have mocked and laughed over your situation. But just as Sarah went from a weeping barren woman to a laughing fruitful mother in one day, you will look back and hardly recognize yourself. Expect the Lord to do spectacular things for you in this season, and rejoice in Him today. Hallelujah!


  1. Janet Williams

    I woke with “Joy” in my mouth. It was a song the praise team rehearsed last night. I sang over and over about “what He’s done for me” and as I filled the washer with laundry I remembered all of the times He’s been there protecting, providing, healing, even living inside of us. I realized how many times He was there and we didn’t know it. It reminded me that all things ARE possible with God. Then I came to my computer and opened up to our devotion today.
    What lovely confirmation that He is speaking and I am hearing His voice.
    Blessings to all that read this today. He’s a GREAT and MIRACULOUS God!

  2. It is good to trust the Lord and wait on his time. With faith I also believe his promise and I claim my blessings with thanks giving.


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