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July 13: Faith: The Prescription for Exploits

“…if ye have faith as a grain of… seed… nothing shall be impossible unto you.” Matthew 17:20

Read : Hebrews 11:1-13; Luke 7:1-10


Many portions of the Bible contain a compendium of heroes: Great men and women who did mighty exploits in their time. Some of these lists are in our study today. One of the most outstanding qualities of these heroes was their faith in God. It is obvious that without faith exploits are impossible. Faith is what makes you mighty in God’s Army. It determines your placement in life more than anything else. The men in David’s army were ordinary men until they began to perform great exploits by faith. One of those men slaughtered 800 enemy soldiers in one sweep! Another one fought the enemy until his sword clave to his hands and he couldn’t let go! A third one found himself on a field alone without any back-up but he wouldn’t quit and we are told God came to his rescue and wrought a great victory for him. Maybe there are many enemy forces coming at you all at once; may be you have fought for so long you are physically drained and exhausted; maybe you don’t seem to have any back-up in the challenges you are confronting. I’ve got good news for you: If you keep standing by faith, heaven is coming to your rescue. Your story is going to end gloriously! Exploits are written all over you, just waiting to happen. You are going from zero to hero in one day. Watch out! God is on your side; you cannot fail!

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  1. i can see my victory coming, thak GOD for HIS words YOU PREACH IS A LIVING WATER UNTO MY SOUL

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