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July 12 : A life of Power Versus A form of Religion

“Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.” – II Timothy 3:5


Read : Romans 1:16-17; Acts 27:9-11, 23-25

Sad to say, a lot of believers only have a form of religion but they deny the power that is available to them by virtue of their covenant with Almighty God. Religion concedes that God exists and He can do great things if He chooses to. It credits God with the great events of Scripture and admits they could probably be repeated if God is in the mood. But you never know when He is in the mood, so you are better off not waiting on Him! The banks are more trustworthy; Medical science is more dependable; Society is a better judge of right and wrong. It is no surprise that God never shows up in many lives. His demonstrations of power are really a far-fetched possibility in most of our lives. But you know that you and I don’t have to live that way. The Bible says the Just must live by his faith. And faith pleases God. When we walk by faith and hold unto His Word, He really does show up! God is always looking for an opportunity to show up for His beloved children. When you walk by faith, you know for sure that God is coming through for you in your situation. You know He hasn’t changed, and if you keep your confession of faith, He’ll burst through your ‘lion’s den’ and rescue you in the nick of time! Step into this life of power today. Start believing, confessing, acting, fighting, possessing…

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