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July 14: Be Impossible

“Jesus said unto Him, if thou canst believe, all things are possible ….” – Mark 9:23


Read : Matthew 17:14-20; Mark 9:14-31

I have heard many people use the expression: “What is meant to be will be and what won’t be won’t be.” This, like so many other religious expressions, sounds reasonable but it is hardly Scriptural. We sometimes get the idea that God has pre-determined our entire lives and everything that happens is due to ‘fate.’ This is especially so when we try to achieve certain things and they just keep falling through. I heard someone once lamenting about their failure to achieve success in a certain area of their life, and then they went on to conclude that God had pre-determined their failure. But the Bible says God’s thoughts toward us are good not evil, and He has no respect of persons. He operates by the same standard of the Word where all human beings are concerned. After Jesus stepped on the scene and achieved success where the disciples had failed, He asked them, “where is your faith?” That means He did not achieve success because of a privileged status He had; He was able to subdue the enemy by using His faith. The disciples could have done exactly the same if they had walked in faith. Begin to walk in the realization that all things are possible. Get real with God and reject religion. You are going up, in Jesus’ name. Amen.