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Obtaining the impossible through FASTING (part II)

Foundational scriptures
Esther Chapters 3 to 9

The right frame of mind: Our frame of mind going into a fast is very important; it must be with the expectation to WIN.  Winning is based on God’s covenant; He already promised we would win, if we are in His will.

Scriptures for guaranteed victory: 1 Jo 5:14-15; 1 Jo 5:5; Rom 8:37; 2 Co 2:14; 1 Co15:57

God’s part
He always fulfills a promise: The God of the covenant. Psa 105:7-8
In Christ we have an even better covenant, based on better promises.? Heb 8:6

What we can expect when we fast:

  • Divine favor; this is uncommon favor:  God raising up somebody, somewhere to use their influence, ability or power to help you.  Est 5:1-3; Neh 1:11

Prayer: Father through this fast I know you will release uncommon favor into my life.  I know you will raise up somebody somewhere to use their power, influence, and ability to help me. Thank you, In Jesus name.

  • Divine wisdom; i.e. uncommon wisdom: When favor opens the door, wisdom lets you know in what direction to go. Many opportunities are lost for lack of wisdom. Est 5:3-4; Est 5:4-9; Luke 21: 15; 1 Co 2:6-8

These will come to you as you fast:
Discernment – perception of that which is obscure
Insight – the clear (and often sudden) understanding of a complex situation
Wisdom – the trait of utilizing knowledge and experience with common sense and insight

Prayer: Lord, I seek your wisdom. I know it is being released right now in the name of Jesus.

  • Divine instructions: Uncommon instructions: the step by step what-to-dos. Although God?s instructions may seem unusual, they are always in line with his word. If in doubt, ask the pastor! Write down God-given instructions so you don’t forget! Psa 16:7; Psa 32: 8 Hab 2:1-2

Prayer: Lord, I am eager for you instructions; I will obey. Speak, for your servant is listening; in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  • Supernatural intervention. God begins to supernaturally touch the key players in your situation. Est 6:1-3; Gen 20: 3-6

Prayer: Lord, I thank you because you are already touching the key players in this situation like only you can; in Jesus’ name, Amen.

  • Supernatural orchestration of events. Divine connections whereby God supernaturally links 2 totally seemingly unconnected people together for your good. E.g. like Peter and Cornelius. Est 6: 4-6; 10-12; Rom 8:28; Acts 10:30-32; Acts 13:2

Prayer: Lord, I believe you are causing a coming together of key players and key events to give me my breakthrough. I thank you in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  • Activation of the ministry of angels. A fast can unleash the ministry of angels. Every believer has a guardian angel.  They hearken to God’s commandment.  God sends these angels on assignment to orchestrate events and help you remove all obstacles to answered prayers. Matt 18: 10; Dan 10:11-13, 20; Psa 103:20; Heb 1:13-14

Prayer: Lord I thank you for sending your angels out on my behalf.  I know that my guardian angel has been given an assignment from you and he is working on behalf. Thank you, in Jesus’ name!

  • An exposure of the root of the problem and defeat of the opposition. Est 7: 2-6, 10
  • Divine promotion in the midst of your troubles. Promotion that cannot be explained. Est 8: 1-2; Est 9: 4; 1 Sam 2:8
  • A reversal of the judgment against you or an alternative way out! God is able to re-write laws on your behalf or make an exception on your behalf. Est :7-9
  • Complete and total victory. This is where we started out from in the spirit and this where we end up in the natural! Est 9: 4-5