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Obtaining the impossible through FASTING (part I)

Foundational scriptures

Esther: Esther Chapters 3 to 9
Jehoshaphat: 2 Chronicles 20
Nehemiah: Nehemiah 1
Moses: Exodus 24:18
Jesus: Luke 4:1-2
Cornelius: Acts chapter 10
The disciples: Acts 14: 23

What is a fast?
–  The act or practice of abstaining from or eating very little food.
–  A period of such abstention or self-denial.

What is the principle behind fasting; is it that God does not hear us without a fast?
The single most important concept of fasting is FOCUS.  A fast helps you to come to a standstill; physically, mentally and emotionally.  During a fast that is well executed, you FOCUS on God.   As you focus on God, you draw the full attention of God to you; in the sense that God himself knows that He has your full attention.  Acts 10:30; Daniel 9:3; Daniel 9:20-21

What is a well executed fast?? Six important aspects of a fast:
There is
– Specificity and objectivity.  Focus on the issue at hand.  Daniel 9: 2-3 (Amp)
– Humility. Focus on your impotence and God’s omnipotence.  2Chronicles 20:1-6
– Instruction.  Focus on released wisdom and instruction.  2Chronicles 20:13-18
– Complete trust and dependence.  Focus on total dependence on God.  2Chronicles 20:15
– Complete and total obedience.  Focus on the execution of the instructions given by God.  2Chronicles 20:20
– Praise and worship.  Focus on praising God for the outcome.  2Chronicles 20:21-22

When should you fast?
1. When you need to unlock the devil’s gridlock. A Gridlock can be defined as a complete lack of movement or progress resulting in a backup or stagnation. Regarding Satanic gridlocks, God will never let you be in a situation in which there is no way of escape; so know that it may seem monumental, but you are coming out. The devil did not know it but God had worked Esther into the situation; He had the answer before the problem presented itself. 1Corinthians 10:13

2. When you face an uncommon obstacle; don’t trivialize your obstacle.  An obstacle is an obstruction that stands in the way (and must be removed or surmounted or circumvented); its purpose is to hold up your progress or stop you completely. It is not a distraction; a distraction seeks to draw someone’s attention away from something.

3. To unravel a prophetic word or revelation.  As in the case of Daniel; he understood that the time for the restoration of Jerusalem was complete and he set his face to commune with God concerning the Divine prophecy.  And also to urge God to do what he said he would do.  When your situation does not line up with what you expect, you can use a fast to unravel the mystery.  Daniel 9:1-4
Your set time for a miracle is the day you get a revelation; that is the day you can begin to walk in faith concerning it.  Psalms 102:13

4. To receive spiritual strength, wisdom, and equipping before embarking on an unusual assignment.  Luke 4:1-2

5. To receive further clarification on an assignment. Exodus 34:27-28