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Obtaining the impossible through FASTING (part III): The practicalities

Foundational scriptures
Nehemiah 1: 3-11.
2 Chronicles 20: 3-13

A. Fasting in faith:  To receive the full benefits of a fast, we must realize that all that God can do, really are Entitlements.

Entitlements: This is like a government program which guarantees and provides benefits to a particular group.  An entitlement does not mean that the benefits will necessary happen. We however hold the title to these benefits.

Title (definition):  The aggregate evidence that gives rise to a legal right of possession or control.
Using our entitlements is a choice. We forfeit our right to any entitlement through a life of sin. Take the opportunity of the fast to get right with God.
We have such awesome promises: 2 Pe 1:3-4

B. The ABCs of Faith

  • Access the promises of God.  So, now we know what the Lord promises (see study II).
  • Believe the promises of God.   Be convinced about those promises.
  • Confess/profess the promises of God.

Profession: A declaration; assert or affirm strongly; to affirm openly; declare or claim.  Heb 10:23; Heb 3:1; Heb 4:14

  • Do whatever the Lord says to do.
  • Endure patiently with praise until your change comes.

C. Fast To-Do-List

  1. Prayer (Neh 1: 3-11; 2 Chron 20: 3-13)
  2. Start with worshiping the Lord.
  3. Repent and confess any sin; acknowledge your shortcomings and blunders which may have brought you to this point.
  4. Bring the word of God to Him; showing the confidence in which you come.
  5. State your need before the Lord.
  6. Let Him know that you are waiting on Him; Thy will be done O Lord.  Matt 26:39

The Bible: The WILL OF GOD is not “hit and miss.” God’s will is revealed in the bible.
Read the bible:

  • Choose 3 books of the bible and read in 3 weeks.
  • Read day and night; 1 chapter in the morning, and 1 in the evening.

Meditate: Think intently and at length on a biblical example.

  • Choose any example in the bible that may have faced similar situations and just read their story over and over.  Whatever God did for one, He will do for another.
  • Pay attention to the conditions, and the principles that brought them out; God does not respect persons; He is predictable in that He will always work with His word and principles. Rom 2:11

Memorize: Take a few scriptures that mean a lot to you and write them out in little pieces of paper and repeat them to yourself over and over. Psa 37:31; Prov 2:1, 10-11

Receive instructions: Fellowship with the Holy Spirit is the Key to a successful fast.

  • The Holy Spirit will show you all things.  John 16:13
  • He will speak a word in your inner ears and tell you where, and how to walk.  Isa 30:21
  • So ask Him to open your eyes, so that you may behold wondrous things in His word as you read.  Psa 119:18
  • The Holy Spirit will give you the tongue of the learned; so that you may know when to say, and how to say. Isa 50: 4-5
  • The Holy Spirit will himself, teach you how to profit. Isa 48:17

Other scriptures: Isa 32:3-4; Isa 35:5; 1 Jo 2:20, 27; John 14:26; Psa 112:4; John 12:46

Have a book for jotting down:

  • Write down little ideas and nuggets as they arise; research them; take them back to the Lord in prayer.  Acts 1:14 – 26;  Hab 2: 1-3

Obey instructions:

  • Set your will to His will. Yes we are human; but where human strength stops, God’s ability takes over. 2Co 12:9 AMP

Isa 1:19 AMP:  If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land.


  • Be full of expectations of the supernatural workings of God during your fast.