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Day 10: Endued With Power

Proverbs 20:27; Isaiah 11:1-3; Exodus 31:2-4; John 16: 7; 13-15; I John 2: 20, 27; Luke 24:49

‘But he, being full of the Holy Ghost, looked up steadfastly into Heaven, and saw the glory of God…and said, Behold I see the Heavens opened….’Acts 7: 55, 56

Our human spirits are God’s flashlights through which He illuminates every part of our lives. When we are plugged into the Holy Spirit, we have access to all the illumination of the Godhead. When we are loosely connected to Him, we run for a while on short-life batteries and our lights dim until we run out of His divine energy.  In order to be endued with power, we need to have a healthy on-going relationship with the Power Source. When we seek to know God’s heart and please Him in all that we do, the Holy Spirit has a greater liberty to accomplish His purposes in our lives. Jesus was clothed with the power of the Holy Spirit while on earth (Acts 10:38), and by that special unction, He did great exploits. One dimension of that unction was the Holy Spirit resting upon Him and filling Him with wisdom, understanding, knowledge, counsel and revelation. We cannot succeed in life without that same unction resting upon us. When we devote ourselves to intimate and consistent fellowship with the Holy Spirit, He releases His Grace into our lives and that unction flows ceaselessly. Do you long for a greater dimension of His presence in your life? Then tell Him so. Ask him to come and reveal Himself to you. Tell Him you’ll hold nothing back from Him. I see the Heavens opened over you today in Jesus’ mighty Name. Amen

Prayer & Confession: 

Dear Holy Spirit, thank you for filling me with the light of God. Thank you for giving me understanding and teaching me wisdom. I yield to you and ask you to have your way in my life in Jesus’ mighty Name. Amen!


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