Imparting life to the nations, one person at a time

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  1. This message answers a burning question I have been praying about. I have been frustrated because I have been overcome with a sense of lack. I know in Christ I am abundant and that all riches are available for me in His riches in Glory. I am so grateful to hear that my riches exceed money. It is exciting to know that my talent and my time are blessings that I can offer to others. And now I am recognizing the movement of Christ in unintended ways to give me opportunities to plant good seed in fertile ground.

    Bless you pastor for your grace and anointing. I claim these blessings. I expect these blessings. I am ready to give my passion and my energies, my possessions and my money. I am ready to see God’s manifestation in my life. My abundance is full and overflowing. My harvest is here, suddenly and exceedingly.

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