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September 28: The Power of Partnership

“Who is going to give any attention to you in this question? for an equal part will be given to him who went to the fight and to him who was waiting by the goods: they are all to have the same.”  I Samuel 30:24 (BBE)

Read: I Samuel 30:21-26; Philippians 4:10-19


In order to have restoration in your life, you need to be in partnership with other people sent into your life by God. You will never arrive at your God ordained destination in life if you don’t have ‘Power Relationships’ Everybody needs somebody. Jesus needed Peter and the other disciples (including Judas Iscariot!); Joshua needed Moses; Paul needed the Philippian church; David needed partners to go after the enemy; and today, God needs you and I. Guess who God is counting on to help Him restore His lost family: the church! God needs us to walk with Him in active partnership in order to bring restoration to the world. Let me ask you: Are you partners with anyone preaching the Gospel on the frontlines? Are you actively praying for your pastor and other ministers of the Gospel? Are you supporting them with your finances so they can focus on winning the harvest of the world? That is one of the ways to guarantee God’s work of restoration in your own life. Pray for your partners today.