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May 20: Favor: The Essential Rain

“The king’s favor is like the clouds that bring rain in the springtime—life is there.” Proverbs 16:15(GNB)

Read: Esther 2:1-17; Psalms 30:5; Psalms 72:6

Webster defined favor as, “unfair partiality.” “To be partial means to favor one person more than another. i.e. approving, supporting or endorsing someone.” It is that which singles you out and makes you preferred above all others. It is that which gives a beggar a seat among the princes. It was that which made Esther a captive orphan, become Queen in the land of captivity, it is usually the missing ingredient in insignificant and obscure lives. Why? Because favor has the capability of translating you from insignificance to significance. Favor is essential. Esther had prepared herself for 12 months like all the other Ladies but favor made her Queen. Favor is the rain that we need after we have sown seeds of hard work and diligence. It is the door-opener. Without this rain of favor, our efforts yield very little fruit. We cannot do without favor. One day of favor is worth several years of fruitless labor. We therefore must learn the principles of activating God’s favor.

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