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May 21: Honor locates you for God’s favor

“…But now the LORD declares: I promise that I will honor those who honor me, and those who despise me will be considered insignificant.”  1 Samuel 2:30(GW)

Read: 1 Samuel 2:12-36; John 12:26; Acts 10:34-35; 2 Chronicles 16:9

Even though every born-again child of God has a cloak of favor, not every one experiences this favor. God has determined to honor ANYONE who honors him. It is impossible for you to receive any honor without God’s active favor operating in your life. God is not partial. His angels are walking to and fro, on a mission to seek out those that honor him. When they locate such people, they bring a report back to the Lord and God immediately sends favor into their lives. This favor then catapults them into the league of the SIGNIFICANT PEOPLE. Dishonoring God does the opposite; it takes you into the pits of insignificance. Eli’s sons prided themselves on being priests of God. However, God described them as, “sons of belial” .i.e. worthless sons. You may be born again, but do you actively honor God with your life? That is your passport to greatness and significance. Determine to honor God from today, and God’s spotlight of favor will start to shine upon you.