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March 20: Points of Encounter

“And it shall come to pass?that I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh?your old men shall dream dreams and your young men?.see visions.. “ Joel 2:28

Read: Joel 2:21-29; Acts 2:14-19

Every human being is destined to have a point of encounter with God. The reason many never experience that is because God always needs our cooperation for whatever He seeks to do in our lives. The Holy Spirit is gentle and will not force His way. So it is essential that we make room for Him in our lives. The Holy Spirit operates at the dimension of dreams and visions. A God-given dream is the point of infusion from the Holy Spirit into your spirit. Something explodes on your inside when you catch a revelation of God for your future. And that revelation has sufficient power to keep you alive and prosperous. Every God-given dream is a point of encounter with God where something that exists in the supernatural realm, available only to the mind and understanding of God, becomes revealed to the mind and understanding of a man or woman on earth. Let me ask you: have you had such an encounter with God? If yes, then praise God, some great things are scheduled to explode in your future shortly! If no, I want you to ask the Lord today for such a visitation. This is so crucial to enjoying ?tailor-made success? in life. I call it tailor-made because I believe each of us has entitlement to some success in life from God that has been prepared for us uniquely. And if we don?t enjoy that, whatever success we have isn?t really full or complete. The Bible says where there is no vision, people perish. That is because the vision is what adds value to your life. That is what sustains you. That becomes the standard by which your true progress is measured. I believe the Holy Spirit is beginning to burn something inside of your spirit even as you read this.