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March 19: Hope Guarantees No Shame

“According to my earnest expectation and my hope, that in nothing I will be ashamed” Philippians 1:20

Read:Romans 5:1-5; Philippians 1:12-20; Psalms 42:5, 8, 11

I like what I once heard a minister say: Whenever a door shuts in life, there is always a bigger door waiting to open. However, that is true only for those who keep hope alive and keep searching. I once heard the story of a lady whose job got terminated. She sank into depression for a few weeks but found hope in God’s Word and started to believe again. Within a short time, she found a new job and a new position which was even better than the one taken from her. She later found out the former company she worked for had gone under. So losing her job there turned out to be a blessing, after all. The Bible says that hope does not make ashamed. That means if you keep your hope alive in God, it won’t be long before you smile again. Do you believe that? Do you believe that what seems to be a source of shame and contempt for you today can become a source of joy tomorrow if you keep your hope intact? According to God’s Word, shame only comes whenever hope leaves. People become ashamed of where they are because hope is lost. But if you understand that you are in transit to a better place, it is easy to be filled with joy and keep expectation alive. Say to yourself today, “There is hope for me. I believe in a better future, a better tomorrow. My dreams are not dead or over with; I am going somewhere and I will get there in Jesus’ Name. Amen.” Apostle Paul was tied up in prison when he said, According to my great hope, I will be not be ashamed in anything (paraphrased). In the natural, it looked like he had reached the end of his rope. He was an object of mockery. But he said, “Don’t write me off; I’m coming out of this!” And we know that he came out and did much greater things for the kingdom of God. You are coming out too. You are not a candidate for shame but for glory. God is perfecting all that concerns you, in Jesus’ Name.