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March 10: Turned On By God

“I’m ecstatic over what you say, like one who strikes it rich” Psalms 119:162(MSG)

Read: Psalms 63:1-11

I want to ask you a very strange question today: what turns you on? Please do not be offended by that question. Every human being is turned on by something or the other. When your physical senses receive certain signals, all the nerves and cells in your body suddenly come alive! You may be lying on the couch feeling sleepy at the end of a busy day; but suddenly you come alive and your body receives new energy because your favorite show just came on. Or you enter a restaurant and the aroma of your favorite meal gets you all excited. Or the love of your life walks into the room and fresh blood begins to circulate through your veins! You know what I am describing isn?t some far-fetched experience. We all get turned on by something or the other. David said to God in one of his writings, ?Nothing turns me on like You (paraphrased)!? In another of his Psalms, he compared God?s Word to his best meal. You need encounters in your life that will make everything else seem like boredom when compared with your relationship with God. God wants you to be ?turned on? by Him. He wants to be the One whose thoughts are burning in your heart. He wants you excited about the things that excite him, like His Word. And you know it?s easy to tell when people really love the Lord. When you talk to them about what God is doing, they don?t twiddle their thumbs or pick their noses. No their eyes almost shoot right out of their sockets in excitement! They want to be a part of it all. They will go the distance even when it?s inconvenient to be with Him or please Him or show their love for Him. Why don?t you ask God today to make you like that? Tell Him, ?Lord, reveal yourself to me; Lord, help me know you??


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