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June 9: A New Covenant

But now….He is the mediator of a better covenant…established upon better promises…

–  Hebrews 8: 6

Read:  Jeremiah 31:31-34; Hebrews 8: 6-13

In previous devotions, we have studied the covenant that God made with people like Abraham and David. Many of the accompanying promises of those covenants are the ones we still stand on today. However, do you know that as glorious as those covenants were, God actually refers to them as ‘old?’ We are told in the Book of Hebrews that the covenant we have today through Christ is a ‘New Covenant’ and the Bible says it’s established upon better and more superior promises. Can you imagine what that means? The promises made to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David and the entire House of Israel are nothing compared to what God will do with us in these last days if we will get a hold of this New Covenant. God’s covenant is the strongest thing on the earth today. That means it cannot be broken. Heaven and earth may pass away but no promise made to you and me in this new covenant will go unfulfilled. The seal that preserves this new covenant is no physical thing; it is the Blood of Jesus Himself! Let that sink deep in your spirit. One song writer says the Blood of Jesus will never lose its power! It’s more powerful than sickness, poverty, sin, pain and even death. That is why this new covenant is not written on tablets of stone like the old one. But it is engraved on our hearts, the very center of our lives. God’s covenant is backed by His oath and promise, 2 immutable things that cannot change. So I challenge you today to boldly stand on your covenant, claim your rights and hold your place. If you seem to be in a difficulty that is not yielding, understand that the covenant is stronger. While confessing the Word, begin pleading the Blood of Jesus. There is no situation as powerful as the Blood. Thank God today for the new covenant. Release your heart to believe it.

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