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June 29: The “G” Gene

I have said ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most high.

–  Psalms 82:6

Read:  Galatians 3:16-29; Luke 1: 26-33

Child of God, do you know you are wired for greatness? You possess the ‘G’ gene. You are God’s offspring so you are a ‘small g’ god! You will attain unto greatness not only in the spirit realm but also in the natural realm. The Bible makes it distinctly clear that as a descendant of Abraham, you are wired for greatness. You cannot be small. Yes, you may start small, but ultimately, greatness is already arranged in your destiny. The promise to Abraham for greatness was fulfilled first in his natural seed, Isaac. The Bible says Isaac waxed great, went forward, and grew until he became very great. Even the servants who worked for him became great because of him. So that is your inheritance. You will wax great. You will go forward, and grow until you become very great, in Jesus Name. Amen. However, the ‘G’ gene isn’t only transmitted naturally, but also spiritually. Abraham’s spiritual seed was Jesus. And the Angel announced to Mary about Jesus, “He shall be great and shall be called the Son of the Highest….” So you see, greatness is in the covenant. And since you are in the covenant, you are wired for greatness. So if you feel small today or you are struggling today, or things are tight today, don’t worry. That is all temporary and subject to change. Stand on the  Word of God and keep saying what God says about you. Have you noticed that all living beings reproduce according to their kind? It is expected that a dog births a puppy dog; a chicken ought to lay eggs that hatch into chicks not crocodiles. A human being is not a gorilla, regardless of what the evolutionists say. So it is not expected that a child take on the nature of a gorilla. In the same way, a great God can only birth great children. The Bible says they were called ‘gods’ unto whom the Word of God (Covenant) came. So you are God’s offspring. You carry the ‘G’ gene. You are wired for greatness. Give Him praise today!