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July 8: Dare to Believe

…the Word is nigh thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy heart :that is the word of faith.. Romans 10:8


Joshua 6:1-20; Romans 4:18-21


I want to invite you to join me in a campaign of faith today. I see some great things concerning your life and future. And regardless of what things look like around you right now, I am daring to believe that God’s Word concerning you will stand. So dare to believe with me. Dare to believe that every wall of Jericho built around your life to suffocate your destiny is coming down today! Dare to believe that you will prosper and live in health. Dare to believe that you are coming out of debt. Dare to believe that that immigration deadlock is about to be smashed into ‘ungatherable’ pieces! Dare to believe your husband or wife will manifest. Dare to believe your financial situation is about to turn around. Dare to believe you have been given that property you desire. Dare to believe your spouse will be saved. Dare to believe you will come out of that prison. Dare to believe your children will be saved. Dare to believe your ministry will thrive. Dare to believe you will not go out empty! Dare to believe you will bear your own children. Dare to believe your business and career will flourish. Now don’t stop at believing. Begin to declare it. Fight for it. Bind every satanic antagonist. Then begin to live like it is so in Jesus name!