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July 6: Faith is Ruthless Action

“Rise up, take your journey…I have given into thine hand Sihon..king of Heshbon..and his land…begin to possess it and contend with him in battle.” Deuteronomy 2:24



Read : Jude 3, Jude 3:20-25; II Corinthians 10:3-6


Too many believers have become victims in life rather than live as victors. Day after day, many of us suffer unnecessary defeat in different areas of our lives because we lack a fundamental understanding of what true Bible faith is. Religion has indoctrinated us wrongly over the years to see faith as a passive lifestyle. In many circles, people even refer to faith as religious or denominational leaning. However, true Bible faith is action. Ruthless, determined, aggressive, persistent action. Our hands represent our faith. And they must fight in order to ensure victory in the battles of life. One of the most practical definitions of faith is: ‘Acting on the Words of God.’ You cannot fold your hands in battle, so your faith must never be docile or dormant. We are up against an enemy that will contend for everything our Father has given us, so we must not go to sleep and assume everything will work. Everything will work out only if we will be responsible to claim what is rightfully ours even when circumstances indicate otherwise.