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July 21: The Oil That Brings Distinction

“…therefore God, Your God, has anointed you with the oil of gladness above your fellows.” Psalms 45:7


Read : Psalms 92:10; I John 2:20

Everyone knows the story of David the little shepherd boy, who slew a giant while all the other Israeli soldiers looked on in awe. There is something about exploits which catapults individuals to unimaginable heights. Until David slew Goliath, very little was known of him. No one gets recognition for what they can do (potential), but only for what they actually do (accomplishment). Exploit is not an option; it is mandatory for your recognition. Child of God, your recognition or distinction is not going to come until you slay your giants, until you solve a problem no one else can. David did not kill that giant because of his unusual marksmanship or extraordinary precision; but by the anointing of God on him.  Every born-again child of God is anointed for exploits, but this mantle must be activated by a catalyst called FAITH.  That oil, which is the presence of the Holy Spirit in you, is your passport to greatness. Learn to activate the anointing, so your potential can bring accomplishment and distinction!