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July 20: Speak to the Mountains

“….I have put My words in thy mouth…I have set thee over…to root out, destroy….to build and to plant.” Jeremiah 1:9, 10


Read: Mark 11: 22-24; Zechariah 4:6-7

Everything in this material world responds to words. We don’t always see them, but everything was created with ‘ears’ to hear and respond to words of faith when spoken. The earth was without form and void at the beginning when the Holy Spirit hovered over the waters. And I guarantee you, nothing would have changed over a billion years if the Holy Spirit just hovered and God did nothing else. God always had a great plan for creation but nothing would have been created had He not spoken words. Do you realize, child of God, that until you begin to speak faith-filled words on a consistent basis, your great destiny will remain an empty dream? You have been given power not just to create through words but also to root out everything that stands on your way to that great destiny you desire. That’s why the lesson Jesus taught the disciples using the fig tree that dried up is one of the greatest revelations on the power of faith-filled words. What are you lacking today? Are you confronted by difficult circumstances which appear like mountains? Remember the answer is in words of faith from your mouth. So begin to create the changes you desire in your world by speaking words of faith based on God’s Words. Even mountains will respond to you!