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July 1: The Hands of Faith

“And the Word of God increased……And Stephen, full of faith, and power did great wonders and miracles among the people.” Acts 6:7, 8

Read : Acts 4:21-33; Acts 6:7-15

When the early disciples were threatened by the religious rulers of their days and told to stop propagating the Gospel, they responded by crying out to God, asking for boldness. They also asked that God would stretch forth His Hands to heal and do signs and wonders by the Name of His Son Jesus. God in turn answered their prayers and filled them with boldness and the Holy Spirit, and they began to speak the Word freely and with authority. But God did not stop there: He reached out and made the disciples’ hands an extension of His. Faith is the ‘adaptor’ that makes our hands an extension of God’s hands so that we are empowered for exploits and begin to do things that only God could do. So, you may feel threatened today by circumstances around you like the disciples were. Don’t throw in the towel and conclude that God does not care. Take some time out to fill yourself with His Word and develop your faith. Then step out boldly and effect whatever changes you desire. God’s hands will work through yours and produce wonders!