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July 2: The ‘Bow-breaking’ Anointing

” He teacheth my hands to war, so that a bow of steel is broken by mine arms.” Psalms 18:34

Read : Isaiah 45:1-3; Psalms 144:1


Cyrus was a king who did not have a covenant or relationship with God. But God needed him to do an important job; so He anointed him for exploits. When I read that kind of Scripture, I usually put my name in place of whoever it was God was referring to because I have a covenant and a relationship with Him! So, apply everything in this prophecy to yourself and picture yourself in the place of King Cyrus. “I have chosen you as my anointed instrument. I need your hands, so I have strengthened them. You will subdue nations. The gates are open; doors are opened already. See the showers, dance in the rain. The mountains are already leveled: so fight and possess the victory in Jesus Name.” When I hear words like these from the mouth of God, I get so excited and begin to celebrate big time! But remember that the ‘Anointing’ is useless if not used. It is simply a deposit that needs to be drawn upon when the need arises. King David, another anointed man greatly used by God, said this ‘Anointing’ teaches our hands to war and our fingers to fight. So quit running from those challenging situations around you. And stop crying. Get in the fight. Put the sword (God’s Word) in your hands and tear the enemy down. You will win in Jesus Name.