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February 19: Corresponding Action for Manifestation

“This beginning of miracles did Jesus in Cana of Galilee, and manifested forth his glory; and his disciples believed on him” – ?John 2:11

Read:? James 2:14-26; John 2:11; I John 3:8

Child of God, I believe God wants to manifest His glory in your life. If you have been faithful serving the Lord and walking in obedience, I know for sure this is your hour of manifestation! Do you believe that? Somebody once asked Brother Kenneth Hagin how long we will be required to wait before God releases the blessings we have been waiting in line for. Brother Hagin answered quoting from Ephesians 6 saying, ?We need to stand there until we get what we are standing there for.?? The fruits of your harvest are already ripe and I tell you they are falling off the tree into your hands in Jesus Name. That spouse will show up for you. That breakthrough will manifest. That job will appear; that opportunity will be created. So reach out today and lay hold on what is yours in Jesus Name. Amen. Say with me: ?This is my season of manifestation in Jesus Name,? and begin to live like it. James the apostle, in teaching about faith, wrote about ?corresponding action? to faith which the King James Bible describes as ?works.? These are acts of obedience in line with whatever we believe for such as sowing a financial seed in order to receive a harvest; or getting on the phone to speak with an important contact concerning a desired opportunity; or going back to school to acquire more training; or sacrificing more time and effort in pursuing a set objective.? God has done all He is going to do concerning your situation. The chances are you are on the verge of a major blessing. So don?t quit. Step up in your believing and corresponding action. Then watch manifestation happen. It is happening now for you in Jesus? Name. Amen.