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March 5: Divine Encounters

“Henceforth I call you not servants?..but I call you friends?” John 15:15

Read: Hebrews 12:18-24; Exodus 33:8-16

God wants to visit you and do great things in your life. He wants to give you more than you?ve ever experienced until now. Do you believe that? Accounts abound in scripture about instances when God divinely interrupted the course of nature and stepped in to superimpose his agenda. And I know it is really thrilling to read those accounts. However, more relevant to you and me is the fact that God had encounters with His covenant people in scripture and still wants to do the same with us today. Yeah, you read that right. God wants to meet with you! And you know that can only be for good. In fact, He meets you everyday in His Word because God?s Word is God. You just may not have realized it but He meets you every week in church because that is Mount Zion; and where two or three gather in His name, he?s right there in their midst. So I believe He wants to help you maximize those moments in your life when He meets with you. Can you imagine how life-changing a one-on-one meeting with God can be?!? Well, I believe that is what is going to be happening in your life from now on, in Jesus Name. Amen. But first, we need to understand what happens in every such encounter and what we need to do. Every encounter with God usually has 2 sides to it: First there is a deposit. Then there is a challenge. We will discuss these further but I want you to be aware that what you get out of your relationship with God is determined by what you do with his deposits and His challenges. So, determine to maximize them so the results in your life can tell the story. Invite Him again today and give Him full access. Praise Him for what he is about to do in your life!