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March 6: Let Me Bless You

“He that spared not His Son?.how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things?” Romans 8:32

Read: Genesis 28:13-15; Genesis 32:22-29

Isn?t it foolhardy to be struggling with God when all he really wants to do is bless us? And yet that was what Jacob did and what most of us often do. God is just looking for ways to get His blessings into your life and mine. He is not hungry for anything we have. He doesn?t spend dollars in Heaven. He can have anything He chooses to have at any point in time. But His desire is to share His life with us and bless us. The deposit that God made into the life of Jacob is the same He wants to make into your life today. The things we want in life have already been prepared for us by God. We just need to find the way that God has made. The Bible says He is the God that makes a way where there is no way. God said to Jacob in his night of encounter (and He is saying the same thing to you today), ?Let me make you; let me bless you and give you success; I will be with you and establish you.? Success is an all-round blessing that secures prosperity in every area of life. And that success begins with harmony and peace inside. Jacob didn?t know that. He was in a rat-race. Assuming that if he could steal his brother?s birthright and put a good plan together, he would certainly succeed, Jacob went ahead full speed with a destructive agenda that earned him nothing but enmity, frustration and pain. But God showed up and said, ?Let me bless you and show you what true success in life is.? Do you want that in your life? Then yield to him now. Give Him first place. Lay down your own agenda, and let Him show you the way to go. If you will follow Him, He?ll make you a fisher of men, and you?ll never lack for any good in your life, in Jesus? name. Amen.