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December 9: Do You Know Your Greatest Need?

“As the deer panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee.”  – Psalms 42: 1

 Read: John 4:5-29

The irony of life is that many people don’t know the value of having God as a close friend. I have often read prayer points where people sounded like if they just got one thing or one blessing, their lives would be complete. But do you know child of God, that our greatest need is God? Because if you have God, you have everything! A poor man on the street says, “My greatest need is money.” No, your greatest need is God! A junkie dying for a ‘fix’ says, “My greatest need is one more shot” No your greatest need is God! A single mother says “Oh if I can get a husband, all my troubles will be over.” Not so! When God comes into your life, He brings new meaning and assurance of a better future. Life is empty without that reality in our lives. And please understand that it is a sound relationship with God through accepting Christ into your life that changes everything in your life.  Do you have God in your life today? Pursue Him as the priority of your life from now on. When you seek Him passionately, He’ll become more real to you.