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December 8: The Lord Is My Inheritance

“The Lord is the portion of mine inheritance and of my cup: thou maintainest my lot.” – Psalms 16:5

Read: Psalms 16:1-5; I John 4:7-21

In David’s days, every young man’s dream was to be in the king’s army. And in David’s family, all the boys achieved that dream, except him. He was the freckle-faced last born who was left out of every celebration. But rather than get depressed, and throw pity parties (which only he and his ‘miserable’ sheep companions would have attended), David got intimate with God, wrote psalms and encouraged himself in the Lord. David said, “The Lord is my portion, God is my inheritance!” That means I have at my disposal everything that belongs to God. Like Apostle Paul said, it is in Him that we live, move and have our being. We are well covered; encircled in His love. I remember a song we used to sing many years ago, “Jesus’ love is so wonderful; so high you can never get over it, so low you can never get under it, so wide you can never get around it, Oh wonderful love!” Beloved, the world may have left you out, but God cannot forget you. He has your name engraved on the palm of His hands. Rest in God’s love for you and celebrate today.