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December 29: You Shall Not Go Out Empty!

“And I will give this people favor…..And it shall come to pass, that, when ye go, ye shall not go empty.” –  Exodus 3: 21

Read: Ecclesiastes 2:17-26; Exodus 3:20-22

We all hear stories with tragic endings from time to time; people with a good beginning, some lucky breaks here and there, enviable progress, quick successive promotions on the ladder of success, etc. But then suddenly, disaster! Everything begins to go wrong, and before you know it, the story that began with a promise of success, ends up being tragic, disappointing, and sometimes even fatal. But did you know child of God that this is not the will of God for His children? Recently, the Lord said to me, “you shall not go out empty is my will for everyone in covenant relationship with me.” There are certain things you are laboring on today, and there may be some things you have labored on for years: a career, a family, a business, a ministry, a relationship, etc. If you don’t know your covenant rights as a child of God, Satan will steal God’s blessings from you and leave you empty and depleted. So stand with me today and let us agree that God’s promises will stand in our lives. Let us claim favor for a fulfilled destiny in Jesus’ name.