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Day 25: God Guarantees Your Victory through Your Faith

Romans 4:17-25; Mark 5:21-24; 35-42; James 5:15-18 

‘and nothing will be too much for you. This mountain for instance: Just say: ‘Go jump in the lake’-no shuffling or shilly-shallying and it’s as good as done’Mk 11:23 (MSG)

Enjoying a life of victories through faith is comprised of taking daily steps of faith. Your faith does not have to be great and mighty to be effective. It just needs to be active, growing, and released. The following steps will help you build faith and achieve results every time you are confronted with challenges: (1) Deliberately build a strong Word base by developing a culture of consistent daily Bible reading, study and meditation; and when confronted by a challenge, dig further into the Word and find promises that provide for your need (2) Believe the promises fully and release yourself to them. Combat every thought of doubt using the Word and your God-given authority (3) Ignore circumstances. Keep focusing on God’s Word until you become persuaded it will be fulfilled in your life (4) Identify the mountain or obstacle to your blessing and address it continually until you have peace in your spirit (5) Follow up with corresponding action to your faith (6) Give God thanks ahead for the blessing continually (7) Keep standing until the manifestation comes. The Bible tells us Elijah was a man of like passions as we are. But when he prayed, God moved! It wasn’t his passion that moved God; it was his faith. So, start taking steps of faith and watch God move supernaturally on your behalf. Congratulations! And welcome to a life of exploits and distinction!!

Prayer and Confession:

Father, I thank you for your Word of victory released to me by the Holy Spirit. I believe that as I wage war with it, every victory that I need is manifested in my life. In Jesus’ mighty name. Amen!


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