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Day 19: Impossible is NOTHING

Matthew 17:14-20; Genesis 18:1-15; Jeremiah 29:11-14

‘Jesus said unto Him, if thou canst believe, all things are possible ….’Mark 9:23

When God appeared to Abraham and promised He would visit his wife Sarah within the next year, it was understandable that Sarah responded by laughing. There is nothing too difficult for our God. You may even be dealing with a situation that seems like a foregone conclusion, but I want you to know that when God steps in, everything changes! I know it is easy for people to laugh or outright disbelieve a declaration that God will do something outlandish in someone’s life. I have been subjected to such ridicule in my own life and ministry before. And I am not surprised that there are believers who have already given up on believing God’s promises altogether. I once heard someone lamenting about their failure to achieve success in a certain area of their life, and then they went on to conclude that God had pre-determined their failure. But the Bible says God’s thoughts toward us are good not evil; there is no misfortune in God’s plans for us (Numbers 23:21 NLT.) After Jesus stepped on the scene and achieved success where the disciples had failed, He asked them ‘where is your faith?’ That means He did not achieve success because of a privileged status He had. But He was able to subdue the enemy by using His faith. The disciples could have done exactly the same if their faith was intact. Get up and do the impossible today. You are going up, in Jesus’ mighty Name! 

Prayer and Confessions:

Father I thank you because humanly speaking, many things are impossible. But nothing is impossible for you. I give you glory and praise today. In Jesus’ mighty name. Amen!


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