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August 18: Humiliate Your “Assyrian”

For through the Voice of the Lord shall the Assyrian be beaten down which smote with a rod….. Isaiah 30:31

Psalms 103:19-21; Isaiah 30:30-31; I Samuel 17:45-50

The Assyrians were some of Israel’s most evil enemies for many generations. Somehow when Israel felt like they had some peace, the Assyrians would show up to torment them again. But suddenly, by the Voice of the Lord, the stronghold of the Assyrians was broken over Israel! Let me ask you: Do you have such enemies in your life? Are you plagued continually by some evil force or spirit or dream or fear? Are you terrorized by thoughts and emotions? Are you bound by strongholds in any area of your life? Well I have good news today. By the Voice of the Lord every “Assyrian” in your life will be humiliated today. Every plague will be plagued by the Word of God.

Angels are called ministering spirits (Hebrews 1:14) and they are sent by God to serve our interests on the earth. They served Jesus, the disciples, and are always standing around waiting to serve us. However, the only instructions they respond to are the ones from God’s Word. Much as they would desire, they cannot respond to our tears. It is only the Word that excites and strengthens them. That is why the greatest achievers on earth have always been (and will always be) people who yield themselves as vessels through whom God’s Word is processed, and spoken. When you take time to meditate on and speak the Word of God to yourself and situations, things happen in your life that cannot be explained. The Angels of God were camped out with the children of Israel in the valley of Elah. But they couldn’t move until they heard the Voice of God through young David. Then they got to work and ensured David’s stone was planted in the only open spot on Goliath’s head! Meditate on the Word today. Then speak it boldly. It works!

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