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August 19: You Carry God’s DNA

“And the Lord said unto Moses; See I have made thee a god unto Pharaoh”Exodus 7:1

Read: John 10:34, 35; Acts 14:8-11; Romans 14:17-22; Luke 1:37-45

The Word of God is a rod of distinction. It is not possible that God’s Word settle in you and you remain the same. Jesus said when the Word of God comes to you and you believe it and act on it, you become qualified to do impossible feats, which only God can do. When the Angel spoke to Mary and she believed God did in her what no other woman had ever done: bear a child without a man’s involvement. When Abraham received the Word of God, his body and that of his wife, Sarah, became quickened (i.e. received life) and they both had a baby in their old age. Every time you receive the Word of God and act on it, you become distinguished. God cannot fail, so you shouldn’t. He cannot be sick so you shouldn’t be. He is never discouraged so you shouldn’t be. Begin to believe and receive God’s Word in your life. When ever the incorruptible Word of God becomes planted and rooted in your life, you manifest the authority and power of God over life and situations. That is why the enemy works full time to try to steal every Word you receive. So you must work full time to keep the Word of God in your life. As the Word enters your life, the Divine nature becomes manifest.