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August 1: The Light of Revelation Knowledge

“Arise shine for thy light is come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you….and His glory shall be seen upon you…”Isaiah 60: 1-3


Read: Genesis 1:3, 4, 14-16; Isaiah 60:1-3

Jesus taught in Luke 8:10 that there are keys given us by God to help us understand the mysteries (or hidden secrets and operations) of the Kingdom. One of those keys is light. Light is a powerful force and it was the first thing created by God. God saw that it was good after He had created the light. Jesus introduced Himself as the Light that lights every man’s life.  Light is the first step if you want to move from “without form and void” to “beautiful” and “very good” (Genesis 1:31). Jesus declared to Peter that flesh and blood did not reveal who he was but the Spirit of God (Matthew 16:13-19). That is one of the major Keys to enjoying the benefits of God. I see every area of your life becoming beautiful from today in Jesus’ Name. Amen. The Bible tells us that light is what qualifies us to rule. We are like the stars in the skies. We shine and are distinguished on earth because of the light in us!


  1. Yes sir, ‘we are like stars in the skies’ we shine on earth, and the entire world find direction! I desire my light to shine for the benefit of the entire world – so help me God.

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